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Stump Grinding

Choose One of the Leading Stump Grinding Companies in Thompson, OH, and Surrounding Counties

Welcome to Lucca Landscaping & Construction LLC, your go-to stump grinding contractors in Thompson, OH, and the surrounding counties. If you’ve recently had a tree removed, you’re probably left with an unsightly stump that’s taking up valuable space in your yard. That’s where our stump grinding services come in! As one of the top stump grinding companies with over 40 years of experience, our female and family-owned company takes pride in transforming those pesky stumps into fresh mulch, leaving your property neat.

arborsit grinding a stump thompson oh

Our team of experts loves being outside and working with customers to bring their ideas to life. We believe every stump has a story, and we enjoy taking an idea from our customers and turning it into a dream come true. Once we’ve finished the job, we step back to admire the final touches and transformation we’ve brought to your property.

Stump grinding is a process that turns a tree stump into fresh mulch using a machine known as a stump grinder. These machines come in different sizes, with small grinders running on gas and larger ones running on diesel fuel. Our team uses a stump grinder with wheels with special carbide-cutting tips, allowing us to cut into tree stumps and turn them into mulch efficiently.

Clear Up Your Property Today

Tree removal can be a challenging and overwhelming task. At Lucca Landscaping & Construction LLC, we offer comprehensive stump grinding services to complement our tree removal services. We take a responsible approach to ensure that your property and the surrounding environment are always protected during the stump grinding.

When you choose us as one of the leading stump grinding companies in Thompson, OH, you can rest easy knowing that you’re in the hands of reliable and professional experts. Say goodbye to those unsightly stumps for good by contacting us today to schedule your free consultation. We look forward to transforming your yard into a clean, tidy, and mulched paradise!